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Dream of the Two Columns PaintingThere is a decent parallel between Saint John Boso’s goodnight talk on the Two Pillars and Saint Therese of Avila’s Interior Mansions, which reinforces the point of view that the story is a parable.  In this case, the moral of the story would be to anchor one’s spiritual life to the Eucharist and Mary.  What is particularly interesting here is the journey amid obstacles and enemy forces.






Dream of the Two Columns

Seven Mansions

Enemy ships that try to sink the great ship First Mansions: A courtyard surrounding the castle, in which the venomous creatures of sin prowl.
The enemy ships throw exploding books and bombs ant the great ship.  The Pope uses all his strength to stay on course toward the two columns (Eucharist and Mary) Second Mansions: Temptations to the world and the flesh  – busy work seems importantFortifying resolve to stay on track
When the enemy’s weapons fail they take to hand to hand combat. Third Mansions:Threshold – full surrender to the Divine – or going back to relying on our own reason.
A favorable wind from the two columns (Eucharist and Mary) heals the hull of the ship, which continues on its way forward.The Pope is struck down and those around him help him up. Fourth Mansions:Decreased self relianceIncreased reliance on GodStriving gives way to graceFalling into God’s embrace with trust  – Leap of faith
The great ship is anchored to the two columns, First to the Eucharist and then to Mary Fifth Mansions:Union with God – betrothalMysterious spiritual union
Total disorder breaks out over the whole surface of the sea.  Remaining ships scatter  sink or scuttle themselves. Sixth Mansions:Courtship – Torn between affections from God and outside afflictions
The remaining ships make their way to the two columns.  A great calm covers the sea. Seventh Mansions:Clarity in prayer, Spiritual marriage


If you are interested in the prophetic aspects of Don Bosco’s Dream of the Two Columns, then you will enjoy reading my book Dream of the Great Ship.

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